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The church is led by Pastor, Elders and Deacons. We believe that the Bible is clear that these two different offices in the church are there for the wellbeing of the church. The New Testament speaks about the role of Pastor, Elders and Deacons, the criteria for anyone seeking to become one, and the responsibilities involved.

The church’s Eldership at CEC is made up of men who take on the spiritual direction and vision of the church. The Eldership is headed up by our Pastor, who along with the rest of the Elders care and look after the people at CEC. Their role is to teach and encourage the church to reach out and to help people grow in their faith.

The church’s Deacons are made up of men and women who take on the practical aspect of the church. They are responsible for the smooth running of church life. This involves being very hands on with all the practical parts of the church ranging from, building maintenance, technical, services, finance, health and safety, admin etc.

Below are the contact details of our Pastor, Elders and Deacons. Please contact the appropriate person, or contact our Pastor in the first instance.


Rev Phill Brown
Phone Office: 023 9226 2188
Home: 023 9226 3711
Mobile: 07939 072594
Email: revphillbrown@cowplainchurch.co.uk


Pete Mercer
Malc Simmons
Phil Marfleet
Edward Rollins


Stuart Bennett
Finance Deacon/Treasurer

Michael Droney
Admin Deacon

Warren Green
Events Deacon

Brian Johnson
Buildings Management/Health and Safety Deacon

Amanda Simmons
Sunday Services Deacon

Derek Williams
Governance Deacon