Welcome to Cowplain Evangelical Church, Portsmouth

We are a family church with a range of activities that cater for all ages. At our core, we believe people matter to God, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. Cowplain Evangelical Church is ‘a church for all people of all ages’ and is home to young and old, children and young people, families and singles. We are a mix of real people with real needs who are finding real hope for navigating a complex world. We hope you sense our “welcome mat” is out and you’ll consider joining us for one of our Sunday services.


As our guest, we as a church, want you to feel very welcome and part of our church. Cowplain Evangelical Church is a church for all people of all ages. That means that we run a variety of programmes during the week. Hopefully there will be something for everyone. Our various ministries range from children’s and youth ministry, to men and women’s ministry, to retired and seniors ministry. The ministries take place all throughout the week, so just contact the church office and we will be able to tell you when the ministry that interests you meets. We also have a welcome pack, which you we encourage you to pick up. Next time you’re at CEC, please ask for a pack. That contains all the information about the church. Alternatively, each week we give out a weekly bulletin at our Sunday services where it tells you what is happening that week.


The Sunday services are a high point of what the church does each week. I would encourage you to come along each Sunday as that’s where it’s easiest to connect to the church. Our Sunday morning 10.30am Discovery Service is for those who are just checking out the Christian faith or are new to Christianity. The messages seek to apply the Bible to everyday situations. The children’s and youth ministry takes place then as well. Our 6.30pm Discipleship Service is for people who want to grow in their faith. The teaching is deeper in style and tends to go through a book of the Bible consecutively.


I realise it can be quite daunting to come into a church and try to connect. I would encourage you to keep coming. Whilst we do everything we can to make new people feel welcome, we make mistakes. Don’t stop coming. Many people have given the church a ‘go’ for 4-6 weeks and have felt more and more at home each week they come. And of course if there is anything we can help you with, simply ask and we will try to help you as best as we can.


Do have a look around our website. It explains why we exist as a church and also what we are seeking to become. It helps you to understand a bit more about what we are about as a church. We are a church very much on a journey seeking to grow both numerically and spiritually. We would love you to be a part of what God is doing here at CEC.


If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you and hope that you will feel at home at Cowplain Evangelical Church.


Pastor Phill Brown