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Various days and times through the week
For men and women of all ages

As a church we love small groups. In fact we see them as really important. As our church grows it’s hard to know everyone, and that’s why joining one of our many small groups is a great way to get to know people better. Many people in our church are part of a small group and often comment by saying that their weekly small group is an essential part of their life.

We build our small groups on four principles:

  1. To come together to study the Bible - To learn what the Bible has to say to our lives, and to learn from one another.
  2. To pray together - By praying together it strengthens us as individuals, but also as a small group. We pray for one another, the church, our community and the overseas mission groups we support as a church.
  3. To enjoy fellowship with each other - Small groups are a great way to get to know some people really well. It’s in small groups that we do life together.
  4. To care and encourage each other - Small groups care and look out for each other. This is typically in practical ways as well as just seeing how each of us is doing in our daily lives.

Our small groups meet in various homes.


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