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Prayer is an important part of our church. We pray because it reminds us that we are totally dependent on God for everything, both personally and corporately as a church. Prayer is a high priority here at CEC.  These are the various prayer meetings we hold:

Church Prayer Meeting
First Tuesday of the month - 7.30pm
Our monthly church prayer meetings are very important. We come together at the church to pray for the life and work of the church both in our community and overseas. We seek God’s guidance and direction and pray in faith knowing that He will answer our prayers. The prayer meeting is a time of fellowship with a short devotional thought, but we then get on with prayer as that’s what we are there to do.

Early Morning Prayer Meeting

Thursdays - 6.45am
If you’re an early bird then this is the prayer meeting for you. Meeting in the church Crèche, it’s a great way to start the day. We meet to pray and encourage one another.


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