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Our 10am Discovery Service is for people who don’t usually come to church. We also have great children’s and youth activities too. This is a great service to come to if you’re checking out the Christian faith. The talks are topical looking at what the Bible has to say about things that affect our lives today. We promise that you won’t be asked to do anything strange or to contribute financially to the church in any way. You are our guest, and we simply want you to enjoy the service.




You will be welcomed at the door by one of our welcome team. They will hand you a bulletin which gives information about the week ahead and other activities at CEC. The welcome team are there to help you in any way, just ask.


As you come into the main church building there will be music playing and a relaxed atmosphere. You will notice there are all ages here at CEC. You can sit anywhere you like.



Worship is led by our team of musicians and the person who is leading the service. All our worship songs and hymns are projected onto a big screen at the front. Various notices and information will be on the screen. A 5-minute countdown will then start indicating that the service is about to begin. The person leading the service will explain things as the service progresses.



As a church we want to better serve you, and so we ask that you would take a moment and fill in one of the Connect Cards. These are really important to us as we ask you some questions about your first visit to CEC. The comments people write help us develop as a church. There may also be other areas of church life you would like information on. Simply tick the appropriate box on the back of the card. As a thank you for taking the time to fill out one of the Connect Cards, we will offer you a FREE GIFT of a book. Hand in your card at the Information Desk and the person there will happily give you your FREE GIFT.



You will be given an outline which will be found inside your bulletin. We encourage everyone to use this as it will make it easier for you to follow what the speaker is saying. The main points and Bible verses are also projected onto the main screen.



Generally our Pastor will be speaking at the Discovery Service. The messages are full of application of how the Bible applies to our life today. The messages are practical, down to earth and understandable. Often there is humour and sometimes media and other features. We work in short series so that you are able to plug into the theme of the series quickly. CDs and DVDs of past messages are available to order (free of charge) from the Information Desk, download them from the website or find them on YouTube.



We have a great team of children and youth workers who are dedicated to our children’s and youth ministry. We worship together as a whole church family and then later in the service the children and young people leave to go to the various groups we offer. The person leading the service will explain when the children leave to go to their groups. The groups we offer are:


Crèche for age 0-3 

The Crèche provides care for young babies and children, so that parents can stay in the main worship service without having to look after their young child. Some parents stay for the first couple of times in the Crèche with their child. The Crèche team love playing with the children and all the children have a great time, leaving parents free to enjoy the rest of the worship service.


Sunday Club for Years R-3 and Years 4-6.

Children love coming to Sunday Club. There are two age groups and the activities are specifically tailored to each age group. It’s a great mix of Bible stories, discussion, drawing, fun activities and games, activity sheets and refreshments.


Relish for young people Year 7 and up.

Relish is our Bible study and discussion group for young people. The aim of the group is to encourage young people to look at what the Bible has to say about issues they face today. Whether a young person has a faith in God, or they are not sure, or have no faith, Relish is ideal as it allows young people to discover the truth of the Bible for themselves. The discussions are often lively, insightful and really enjoyable. A youth leader guides the discussions and encourages the young people.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to go. There will be a children’s ministry leader in the welcome area to direct you where to take your children. We love having the children in our worship service, but if they need to go out of the service before it's time to leave for the various children’s groups, the Crèche is available for you to stay with your child.



We have an offering box to put your tithing in. Please do not feel obliged to give and participate in the offering. You are our guest, and we don’t expect you to give. We see giving to the work of the church as something for those who regularly attend CEC and consider the church their home.


Communion is celebrated once a month here at Cowplain Church. Communion is for those who are Christians, and we do not pressure you at all to take part. There are individual cups of wine and a cube of bread for it. Gluten-free bread is available from the Information Desk.



There is an Information Desk in the welcome area. Here you will find information about CEC and our various ministries, CD’s of the messages, flyers about upcoming events and a whole lot more. There will be someone on the Information Desk at the beginning and end of the service so if we can help you in anyway just ask.



To catch up on past messages or get a feel for the teaching at CEC, why not listen to our podcasts?


Check us out online to see more of what we do and who we are!