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CEC's Overseas Mission Worker

Born and bred in Essex, Natalie now lives and serves in South America.  After being saved out of paganism and the occult, she felt called to serve in long term overseas mission. So, in 2018 Natalie left the UK, joined South America Mission, and with little knowledge of the local language she would be speaking, started 6 months of language studies in the Andes.

To date, Natalie has completed 18 months of Ministry work, being involved with a youth prison for girls, a women’s prison, and assisting ministries involved with anti-human trafficking and anti-slavery.

Natalie has a passion for helping trafficked, abused, incarcerated women, with paganism being a common theme running through all of these situations. It is her hope to reach those involved in ritualistic practices, sharing the Good News and her own testimony.

As well as being the Member Care Facilitator, overseeing the welfare of other missionaries in her region’s team, Natalie is currently involved in Prison Ministry, offering friendship and discipleship to incarcerated women.

As Natalie’s sending church, we are in regular contact with her and would love to give you more information on what she does.  If you feel you can support Natalie in her work on the mission field,you can do so in the following ways: