Giving is a responsibility that regular church attenders and members see as a way to worship God. As a church we believe the Bible teaches tithing (that is giving 10% of our income). We do this out of delight and not out of duty.

As a church we are totally self funding. We do not receive any financial help from outside bodies or denominations. All funds are given by the people of the church and we seek to use the funds to honour God.

If you are a guest to our church we do not expect you to give any money to the church. It is for those who attend the church regularly. When the offering is taken up in a worship service we ask that you let the offering bag pass you by, and not to feel embarrassed by doing so. Of course if you feel you would like to give, that’s OK…but we don’t want you to feel obligated.

Many people, after they connect to the church, then go on to see that giving is something they would like to do. It becomes a shared responsibility by all who attend. We use our funds in various ways – supporting people, running costs of the church, as well as giving a percentage of our income to overseas mission and mission partners.

As people feel that they should give to the church we encourage people to think about setting a standing order. This is the best way to give, especially if you are a tax payer, as we are able to claim the tax back from the government, thus maximising the church’s giving.

If you would like to know more about giving then speak to our church Treasurer:
Stuart Bennett