There are many and varied problems in connection with the life of faith. We are never promised in the Bible that our lives as Christian people in this world will be free from difficulty and trial. There are many questions in life that are so difficult to answer. And Satan tempts us to doubt God, to undermine our faith. In fact, on a larger scale it often goes like this, “How can a God like the one you claim in the Bible let the world get in the mess that it’s in? How can the God you believe in allow Covid into the world? You say that God is all powerful, then why doesn’t he stop it?” And if you look around the world, the world is in a mess. In this new message series, we’re going to study the book of Habakkuk. Here was a man greatly troubled by what was happening. He was anxious to reconcile what he saw with what he believed. This is the driving question of the book of Habakkuk. Habakkuk wanted to know, “Why doesn’t God seem fair?” Maybe you’ve asked this before. If that’s the way you feel about any situation, then the book of Habakkuk will speak to you.

Faith Over Fear #1 - The mystery of God's Ways Message Video and Outline