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In this series we look at who God is and what He does.  There is a danger, during the moment of the Coronavirus crisis, that we begin to doubt God.  And when we do that, we can begin to wonder what He is doing.

When the tragedies and the losses of life, which are inevitable, come into our life, if we don't know the right truths, you're not going to stand strong. And yet for many people in our society today they build their lives on the shifting sands of culture which changes every month.

Many people have struggled with Coronavirus crisis situation because they are putting their hope in all the wrong things. But when your life is built on the rock-solid bedrock truth of the Bible, so that no matter what hits you, you have a solid foundation. So, it's important to know some unchanging truths. 

Boundless 1: Where is God during Covid-19 Message Video and Outline

Boundless 2: Finding God when you need Him Message Video and Outline

Boundless 3: Trusting God when life is out of control Message Video and Outline

Boundless 4: All things are possible with God Message Video and Outline

Boundless 5: God is always the same Message Video and Outline