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The title of this series is based on the hymn: When peace like a river or as its better known, It is well with my soul. It's a wonderful hymn as it conveys a sense of trust and ultimate peace with God's plan for our lives. It’s a hymn that has brought comfort to many Christians because it highlights something that is true: the eternal security of the Christian.  It's especially important to focus on this during the COVID-19 pandemic, what with all the changes and insecurity and not knowing and bewilderment and uncertainty we have experienced. And so to know that we have something that is absolutely certain, for those of us who would say that we are a Christian, to know that we are eternally secure in Christ, is a wonderful solid foundation for our lives.  During the series we will look at the first 11 verses of Romans chapter 5, as here Paul deals with this issue of the believers' eternal security.


It Is Well #1: Finding Security Message Video and Outline

It Is Well #2: Future Glory Message Video and Outline

It Is Well #3: Forever Loved Message Video and Outline

It Is Well #4: Secure In Christ Message Video and Outline